MajorKey 👌

Get the most out of your keyboard.

  • Remap any key or combination

    Now your function keys can actually be useful.

  • Switch between different profiles

    Your keyboard should be dynamic, just like you.

  • Use across all of your computers

    Share your hotkeys across all of your favorite computers.

  • Cross Platform

    Use a Mac, PC, or both? We got you covered.

    Save time on typing

    Instantly type any number of pre-defined text blocks.

    Open apps like magic

    Open your favorite apps faster than you can say “Alohomora.”

    Take control of your media controls

    All the media controls you would expect on any keys you want them.

    Disable keys you don’t want

    Accidently hitting the Windows key during your gaming sessions? Us too...

    More features in the works

    MajorKey really has limitless possibilities, these are some of the features we’re planning on bringing to the app in the near future:

    • Custom macros
    • Window management
    • Power off & sleep
    • Mouse controls

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